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Estate planning is a necessary evil. No matter what you see your future holding, planning ahead is a big part of adulthood. Whether you want to make changes to an existing will or are new to the estate planning process, we can make sure you have the customized protection you need most. Contact us today to help plan your future.

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Why do you need estate planning?


Most people equate estate planning with death. However, there are cases where an estate plan can work to your advantage, such as disability. The benefits of an estate plan extends even to your loved ones, saving them trouble in managing your assets and affairs.


Here are some of the advantages of having a well drafted estate plan:

  • A good estate plan allows you to designate a person you trust to manage your affairs on your behalf.

  • In case of death, a well drafted estate plan can protect your inherited assets from lawsuits, divorce, creditors and other possible claimants.

  • A prepared estate plan allows you to pass on your estate to your beneficiaries without suffering from a long and costly process of probate.

  • An estate plan can minimize or avoid estate, income, and capital gains taxes.

  • A good estate plan can give you peace of mind knowing that your affairs have been managed correctly, protecting and providing for your loved ones.


Maintain control of your property regardless of your health, age and financial condition. Talk to us today and see how you can gain advantage in planning your estate. Kindt Phillips S.C. has been providing legal services for over 50 years. Our knowledge and expertise have been acquired through many years of experience in the legal profession.