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What is Worker's Compensation?

If you are injured at work or because of work, worker’s compensation benefits may be available to you to help pay for your medical bills, lost wages, mileage, and retraining needs.  You may also have a right to an additional payment for an injury that turns out to be permanent.  Do not rely upon your employer or the insurance adjuster to tell you more about your rights; call a professional worker’s compensation attorney who will look out for your best interests.

Who is entitled to worker’s compensation benefits?


Most Wisconsin employees who were injured at work or because of work are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. You may be covered even if your injury was caused by many years of physical or repetitive work—even if you first noticed your pain while at home.

It is common for employers and insurance companies to ignore your rights as an injured worker. You may be facing the following:

  • An employer who ignores your work restrictions.

  • Collection notices for unpaid medical bills.

  • A boss who is suddenly treating you unfairly.

  • Days without pay while you are off for the injury.

  • An insurance adjuster who will not return your calls.

  • Notice that your claim has been denied.

  • Many questions about your rights.

If you have been injured, you probably have many questions about what to expect in the future. Our initial consultations on worker’s compensation cases are always free. Please give us a call to discuss your concerns. If we do decide to work together on your case, we will do the work on a contingency fee, so we do not get paid any fees unless we get money for you.  

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